With B2B content marketing, there’s no point investing in a massive content engine, sucking in thousands of new visitors a month if it’s not in some way connected to a sales operation. And yet often, in my travels around the marketplace, the gearing between content and sales, especially in B2B is simply missing. 

Three common B2B content marketing mistakes you could be making:


  1. Firstly, the organisation as a whole has not yet been fully persuaded of the merits of an end- to end, or content-to-customer inbound marketing strategy and so the investment in content and social is piecemeal, half-hearted and low on the budget priority scales.
  2. Secondly there’s the age old difficulty of fully connecting sales to the marketing department drive train. In some ways it might be better to start the conversation with a sales director, rather than a marketing director as you are focussing then on the end product and reverse engineering the solution. 
  3. Thirdly, there’s a problem with software – getting content marketing systems to mesh with sales department CRM, offering qualified sales leads so that sales teams simply have to pick up the phone. 

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The answer starts with presenting a view of the B2B content marketing process from start to finish, involving sales, marketing and the C Suite and getting their buy in. The second stage is investment and the third is measurement to prove the value of the process. 

Without this type of strategic business approach to B2B content marketing, many businesses simply won’t get off the starting line.

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