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For content to succeed at driving targeted prospects your way and converting them into ready-warned leads, it is essential to prepare a considered inbound marketing strategy.


Formulating a content marketing strategy is no simple task, with numerous elements to consider. It’s a long journey, all the way from alignment with brand objectives through to measuring ROI. Over the years we have devised a methodology that simplifies the strategy process – we call it ‘the five moons of BlogStar’. We use this to help advise brands on strategy, in the form of a 20 page report.

(Download our ebook The Seven Steps to a Successful Content Strategy here)

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These reports are a great starting point for anyone thinking about implementing a content marketing strategy for their organisation. The main elements they cover are:

  • Business objectives
  • Choosing a content platform
  • Persona targeting
  • Brand personality
  • Content type
  • Editorial agenda
  • Keywords
  • Promotion
  • Engagement
  • Measurement

The reports are usually around 2000 words and can be delivered in approximately 2 weeks from order. 


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BlogStar was formed in 2002, originally as a PR agency back in the days when there were still lots of print publications. We’ve moved with the times and now specialise in two areas - Content & Influencer Marketing.

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