How to improve your influencer marketing ROI

Brands are continuing to embrace the scope of influencer marketing to impact target audiences, with many now seeing healthy, measurable results. For a growing number of businesses (28%), influencer marketing is now their fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method

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What can an ebook do that your corporate blog can’t?

It is a challenge to create marketing strategies that audiences not only accept, but actively seek out. Let’s assume that your business blog is up and running, garnering views and some healthy engagement. Why then consider investing in producing an ebook? What can it achieve that your blog isn’t already?

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4 ways to combat Influencer marketing fraud

Unilever’s call for the advertising sector to crack down on influencer marketing fraud is a welcome and much-needed move, and one BlogStar supports wholeheartedly. As long as misleading practices are allowed to continue, the space continues to earn an undeserved negative reputation.

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4 content promotion tips to boost content discovery

“Create content 20% of the time. Spend the other 80% of the time promoting what you create.”

This advice from social media marketing thought leader Derek Halpern may go against the grain of your preconceived content marketing strategy. The quality of content that your brand distributes across social media, email and so on must be top notch above all…right?

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