Know your stuff

Beside the huge SEO benefits, the beauty of video blogging for business is the opportunity it creates to showcase expertise and knowledge. Research the hottest topics in your industry across blogs and forums to discover what your prospects are interested in, and offer your unique perspective and insights. Try to avoid using a script; the results can be somewhat wooden – some rough notes and prompts should be ample.

Start an engaging conversation

Just as with text blogs, the primary goal of vlogs is to engage an audience to the extent that they feel included in an interesting conversation. Avoid the newsreader effect by speaking to an unseen listener, who would be sitting opposite you and slightly off centre. Webinars and interviews with other industry figures are ideal contexts to spark a more relaxed and conversational vlog delivery. Remember to invite comments and questions to stimulate an ongoing dialogue.

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Keep vlog posts concise

Video is relatively inexpensive and needn’t be epic. A typical video blog post is between 1 minute and 2.5 minutes long and can either be recorded in one take or divided into multiple parts. Try to stick to one topic per post to keep things clear and thus encourage viewers to share posts. As with conventional blogging, blatant sales pitches are a massive turn off, so avoid going off on tangents about your own products and services.

Maintain varied content

Brainstorms on video content will invariably bring up suggestions of new product/project videos and messages from executives. A little creative flair and aptitude to think outside the box will probably lure more customers, so venture beyond your company walls to other related topics that will interest your target audience.

Image: Laura Lee Moreau/unsplash

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