Strategy and plan in place? Check. Relevant, regularly updated content ready to go? Check. Smooth technical functionality? Check. Creating an informative, intelligent and glitch-free blog means nothing, however, if it doesn’t attract readers. Start proactively to promote your blog following these simple steps, and in time the traffic will flow.

Create sticky headlines

Make sure headlines are compelling and super-shareable with some tried-and-tested formulas, for example, numbering the points you are making, e.g., 5 ways to.. is known to boost social shares. Working in a keyword or phrase within the headline will boost organic search traffic.

Leverage your blog via social media

Assuming your organisation already has a solid presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels, leverage your fans, followers and contacts to help promote your blog posts.

Every time a new post is published, create a tweet with a short link back to the post and link from your Facebook page. You’ll also want to think beyond Facebook and Twitter to other online communities and forums where you can create more exposure for your blog.

Be sure to add social media sharing buttons to your blog (following the instructions on your platform template, or ask us for help if you’re flummoxed). You’ll encourage readers to share your posts, enhance their interactive experience and boost traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

In terms of SEO, nothing beats high quality, relevant content engineered for your specific niche. Users are continually searching for great content related to your sector, so keep it coming.

Linking out to other influential blogs, writing guest posts elsewhere and committing time to social networking will all increase your visibility online.

Use your own homepage

You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find your blog, especially in the early days of getting it started. Why not harness the valuable, free real estate on the homepage of your own website?

Create a section for your blog on your homepage, keeping it refreshed with your latest posts.

Use offline promotion

Don’t forget about the multitude of offline channels through which you can promote your blog. There is still a place for good old-fashioned word-of-mouth, so get talking about your new blog at industry events and networking functions.

Also, add your blog url to printed materials like business cards, DM materials and press releases to raise awareness more broadly.

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