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For new Jockey director of marketing Tom Napper, it came down to a simple equation. He knew the website was converting between .2% or .3% so if he could build the audience from 500K to say one million using content marketing, that would result in a significant increase in sales.

Problem was, with three staff and no budget, he had to boot strap the content marketing process to achieve this goal.

Here’s how he did it:

1- Content Marketing Performance Analysis

They analysed what content was most engaged with on their Facebook and Instagram pages and discovered that photos of ‘beefcakes’ wearing Jockey underwear performed best. So they focussed on creating more of that type of content in-house

2- Outsourced Content Creation

Although they now knew which content was performing best, they didn’t have enough resources in-house to post as frequently as they needed in order to reach the target audience figure. They licensed content from third party sources to fill the gaps around their original content.

3- Used a dedicated WordPress blog as a content hub

Jockey’s blog is built on what is considered to be the best blog platform – WordPress, which is optimal from a number of perspectives – design flexibility, cost, social sharing & organic seo. Their new content marketing programme has so far resulted in a 70% increase in page views.

4- Utilised social channels for quick wins

Whilst increasing traffic from keyworded content via organic SEO is a slow burn, the traffic from social media channels quickly showed a return – with a 43% increase in assisted revenue and a 9% increase in order value.

5- Evolved their content strategy

The team continued to analyse which content performed best, weeding out the poor performers. Napper says it was the subjects they didn’t have permission to speak about that performed worst, e.g., gardening.

Jockey are one year into their new content marketing activity so what’s next? Napper says he would like to focus more on original content and introduce longer format pieces to mix in with the short format stuff. His vision is to have a four month editorial calendar and to continue to produce ‘cool stuff’.


The full case study, by content marketing software vendors NewsCred can be found here. It was originally published in Chief Marketer magazine.

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