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Traffic Increase = content marketing success

Yes traffic increase is seen as the main measurement of content marketing success – according to Zazzle’s April 2017 survey of UK marketers.

85% of UK marketers voted increasing traffic as the chief measurement of success in content marketing activities, well ahead of what you could call lower sales funnel measures like subscriber growth and sales.

Content marketing budgets 23% and growing

Despite content marketing measurement not being directly attached to sales revenue,  budgets are growing fast – up to 23% of the overall budget, proof of its growing importance. In fact 79% said that content ‘works’ and only 9% said it wasn’t effective.

Twitter tops Facebook for distribution

No suprises that Twitter and Facebook were voted the favourite social channels to distribute content – though the order – Twitter 91%, Facebook 83% may raise an eyebrow or two.

Content creation the biggest challenge

The biggest challenge – faced by 65% of those surveyed – is producing engaging content. The second most challenging aspect is seen as measuring the ROI of campaigns and third is to produce content consistently.

Houston we have a problem

As Zazzle rightly points out in their survey conclusion – lack of resources and a crystal clear idea of what a great content strategy looks like is threatening to leave leave content marketing stuck on the launch pad due to lack of investment.

The answer is to return to the drawing board and create a solid content strategy that includes a plan for delivery and measurement.

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