‘Blogrick’ – noun – an unskilled writer who blogs, often on behalf of their company.

An expert in his company’s products ‘Blogrick’ may be, but a writer he is not and yet many companies are still entrusting blog content to people in their organisation, often on the basis that they put their hand up and are prepared to add it to their day job for no extra pay.

Laudable it may be, cheap it appears to be, but liable to produce the sort of content readers are going to fling around the internet joyously, with retweets, LinkedIn shares and Facebook likes? Well no.

Whilst you don’t need to find the next Shakespeare to write your blog, a professional journalist would be a start.

There are 5 clear benefits to this

  1. Well written blog posts enhance your brand’s reputation in the eyes of customers & prospects – they think here’s an organisation that really knows what it’s talking about. 
  2. Professional journalists know how to shape even the most boring information into a compelling narrative that is more likely to be read and shared.
  3. If you employ a journalist that has relevant sector experience (as we make sure all BlogStar’s writers do) your blogs will have more depth and wider reference points.
  4. You get a blog written to a deadline that’s posted at the same time each week – none of the usual slippage you get when trying to fit it in internally. 
  5. It’s actually cheaper – if you consider the opportunity cost of getting the CEO or another senior person to spend a few hours crafting a blog, outsourcing works out far cheaper and the result is always better. 

So where do you find your writer? Well BlogStar can help with that. Our journalists are experts in their sectors and can deliver blog posts guaranteed to lift your blog above the ordinary, supplementing your existing activities or replacing them altogether if required.

So give Blogrick the boot and get in touch.

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